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August 2023 Sage Hackathon

We are hosting a Hackathon for Sage in late August with preliminary dates August 30-31!

Update: Based on user feedback, we will run afternoon sessions on both August 30 and 31 starting at 1pm CST. We will email out an agenda and invite to Slack to participants who have signed up a few days before the event.

The goal of the Hackathon is to set aside a few hours dedicated to working through user applications, code and science examples in depth. If this interests you, please fill out the signup form as soon as possible!

Prior to the Hackathon, we request that you do a few things:

  1. Read the Sage Overview in the Sage docs to understand what Sage is and how it might connect to your work.
  2. Start assembling the people on your team likely to participate.
  3. Ensure they have accounts in the Sage Portal.
  4. Start working through the Edge apps tutorial in the Sage docs.

During the Hackathon, we will review how to use the portal and parts of the Edge app tutorial. However, already having done some preliminary work will allow more time for our team to provide support for your unique application.