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Cloud compute & HPC on edge data

Waggle provides a number of interfaces which other computing and HPC systems can build on top of. In this section, we explore some of the most common applications of Waggle.

Triggering on data from the edge

A common application is monitoring data from the edge and triggering actions when values exceed a threshold or an unusual event is detected.

As a getting started example, we demonstrate an outline of how this can be done in Waggle using the Sage data client.

import sage_data_client
import time

while True:
# query pressure data in recent 10 minute window
df = sage_data_client.query(
"name": "env.pressure",
"sensor": "bme680",

# compute stddev for nodes' pressure data in window
std = df.groupby("meta.vsn").value.std()

# find all pressure events exceeding an example threshold
events = std[std > 8.0]

# "post" vsn to alert system
for vsn in events.index:
print(f"post {vsn} to alert system")


The above code queries a 10 minute window of atmospheric pressure data every minute and "posts" alerts for nodes exceeding a predefined standard deviation threshold.

This example and more can be found in the Sage data client examples directory.